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A cheese for every goat

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I Soci Slow Food hanno diritto a uno sconto sui biglietti


Thanks to numerous editions of Cheese, we’ve learned a lot about the elements which influence the quality of milk and the cheeses made with it. The quality of the pasture, the techniques of processing, and not least, the animal breeds adapted to the natural characteristics of their territories.

In this Workshop we concentrate on goat cheeses made from local breeds from across Italy:

  • From Sicily, the Girgentana Goat (Slow Food Presidium), unmistakable for its long, spiral horns.
  • From Puglia, the Gargano Goat (Slow Food Presidium), raised wild, its coat is long, smooth and jet-black. Its milk is used to make cheeses like canestrato and cacioricotta.
  • From Campania, the Cilentana Goat (Ark of Taste). Grey, reddish-brown or black, its milk is used almost exclusively to produce cacioricotta, one of the symbolic cheeses of the Southern Italian dairy tradition.
  • From Lombardy, the Orobica Goat (Slow Food Presidium), whose milk is used to produce traditional raw milk cheeses like Valsassina formagìn, Valtellina matuscin and Val Brembana roviola.
  • From Piedmont, the Roccaverano Goat (Ark of Taste), known for its classic Roccaverano robiola, which has contributed to the revitalization of the breed.

Tickets may be bought online until 12 p.m. on October 7. 

Eataly Torino Lingotto – Via Nizza 230 – Turin.


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Event languages: Italiano, English

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