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From the luganega to the sopressa, the decollatura to the fellata: natural Italian charcuterie



8 October


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Local breeds raised in wide open spaces by farmers who care for their well-being, and without the use of nitrites or nitrates. Making natural charcuterie is possible, as well being healthier and fairer.

Come on a journey across Italy, from north to south, and discover the variety of natural charcuterie the bel paese has to offer.

  • Trentina Luganega (Ark of Taste), a salami made with lean pork and pork fat, coarsely minced, seasoned with salt, ground pepper and garlic. Fresh, it’s the ingredient of many typical dishes like canederli and smacafam. Dried, it’s mainly eaten on its own.

  • Sopressa Veneta, the typical chacuterie of the Veneto region’s culinary tradition; there are numerous types, for example the sopressa trevigiana, sopressa vicentina and sopressa veronese.

  • Decollatura soppressata (Ark of Taste), produced in an area of Calabria well-suited for raising pigs and made with the lean meat of the thighs and fillet mixed with the fat from the neck (zicchinettu). Everything is mixed for a long time in a kneading trough with a salt and pepper sauce made with red Pizzo Calabro peppers (pizzitani) which is briskly boiled, sieved and thickened. 

  • Sicilian fellata made with the meat of the Nebrodi Black Pig (Slow Food Presidium), where the lean cuts of the thighs are used together with the shoulder, loins and pancetta, then mixed with with salt, black pepper and chili pepper.

Tickets may be bought online until 12 p.m. on October 7.

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Event languages: Italiano, English

Event location: Torino - Eataly Sala Punt e Mes Torino, Torino (Italy)

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