Among the gastronomic formats at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, there are two timeless classics: the Taste Workshops and the Dinner Dates, tried-and-tested formulas which have been revamped for 2020.


The Taste Workshops are a way to learn through tasting, to widen our knowledge while stimulating the senses and listening to the stories of the people behind the products. As usual, this year we’re putting the spotlight on foods, drinks and people, serving up a wonderful program of tastings and stories.

Taste Workshops have been part of the program since the first edition of Salone del Gusto. Photo: Paolo Properzi.

The first 11 Workshops will be held in Eataly, Turin, in two different forms:

  • Twenty participants will be present in the room, enjoying the event in the traditional manner, discovering new routes through the world of wines, beers, cheeses and other fabulous foods.
  • For those who can’t be physically present, we’re offering an alternative: buy a tasting kit for 10 people, get to together and enjoy some conviviality, and follow the Workshop in streaming.

From Slow Food Osterias to the Cooks’ Alliance and Star Chefs: The Dinner Dates

Food can be an engine for change, and chefs are the vanguard. Through their work they become ambassadors for excellence of ingredients, for the discovery and rediscovery of products, producers and communities, for cultures, and for more responsible behavior towards the planet we live on.

The Dinner Dates are a flagship event, a journey to discover delicious food panoramas. Photo: Francesca Cirilli.

At Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, the first Dinner Dates which we’re preparing will be held at Eataly and presented by cooks from Slow Food Osterias, the Alliance and star chefs.

The Taste Workshops and Dinner Dates are on sale now.

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How it’s made — In the fields and kitchens, learning through taste

New for 2020! We present How it’s made: activities where you’ll discover new skills and techniques, expand your understanding and be able to reproduce the recipes presented by our guests in your own home.

The first How it’s made is ready and dedicated to “democratic focaccia” as illustrated by food blogger Aurora Cavallo, aka Cooker Girl.

We’re preparing ourselves for a delicious journey that will satisfy all your curiosities—even ones you didn’t know you had. We’ll take you to milk camels with the herders of Karrayu people and into the heart of an Asian metropolis to learn how to make baozi, the typical steamed bun filled with minced meat and vegetables or sweet bean paste and lotus flowers. We’ll sail aboard a Tunisian boat to fish for octopus with amphora and climb the mountain of Piedmont to learn the secrets of honey harvesting.