For this Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, in all the different forms it’s taken during these months of organization, there’s been one element that’s been central throughout: mass participation in a collective work of writing on the future of food.

Special Guests

Many of the events at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto feature special guests: intellectuals, writers, economists, philosophers, anthropologists, ecologists and educators who, together with farmers, herders, fishers and cooks, offer their vision of the environment, agriculture and food.

Slow Food Communities

For over 16 years our movement has been testing the validity of this vision, a structure which has different characteristics compared to more traditional forms of organization like political parties and associations.

Photos: Oliver Migliore and Marco Del Comune

And You!

We had imagined that we’d have a wall inside the pavilions of Lingotto where everyone could add their thoughts. And we’ve kept that idea in mind even while the structure of the event has been transformed.

Say hello to Terra Madre

The Great Wall of Terra Madre will become a Social Wall – you’ll find it here on the website – just scroll down!

The social wall is open to everyone: if you use the event’s official hashtags #TerraMadre or #SlowFoodforChange in your posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, your post will be visible on our website.

Give it a go: make a post saying “Hello #TerraMadre!” with a photo of a traditional product from your local area or a plate of food you’ve cooked, and tell us something about it… and you’re one of us already!

Manisha Shah in her garden

Share your opinion

If you want to be more specific – and help us to be more effective – you can take part in surveys which we’ll launch during the months of the event.

The first is already ready, and it’s useful for us in directing the event according to your preferences, both in terms of themes discussed and events proposed.

Get ready for a challenge

Our team is working on a number of challenges that we’ll share in the coming months. Some will be simple enough that everyone can easily take part, while others will require a little more effort and dedication. Let’s make a difference together!